Mussels white wine, butter, tomatoes. $12

Mussels in our famous chipotle cream sauce. $14

Calamari with tartar sauce. $12

Beef Carpacciothin slices of beef tenderloin, capers, fresh basil,shaved parmesan, croutons. $13

Goat Cheese Ballswith herb infused honey . $9Potato Crusted Wings. $9

Roasted Brussel Sprouts. $9 





House Salad

mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, apples,

candied pecans, pomegranate, vinaigrette. $9

Classic Caesar romaine, croutons,

shaved parmesan, anchovy dressing. $9

Tomato & Bocconcini Salad

with balsamic vinaigrette. $12





Tomato Gin. $7

Cream of Mushroom. $7



meatball kitchen4

4 ball skillets with sauce and choice of side for $14 


Classic Beef Ball with fire roasted tomato sauce 

Lamb / Chorizo Ball with our mushroom cream sauce 

Chicken Ball with pesto and parmesan

Veggie Ball with parmesan cheese sauce

Extra ball $2.50



House Cut Fries

Garlic Bread

Mac & Cheese

Mixed Greens

Roasted Vegetable


SLIDERS!!! Choose your sliders.

Pick your balls & sauces. 3 sliders for $9

Choice of balls: classic beef, lamb/chorizo, chicken, or veggie 

Choice of sauces: fire roasted tomato, mushroom cream, parmesan cheese or pesto


 wine white


Prosecco/Frizzante, Riondo IT . $8/38

Langa 'Real de Aragón SP . $8/38

Rose Veneto IT . $38


House White, IT . $7 glass/ half liter $18

El Petit Bonhomme, Blanco SP . $8/30

Desert Hills, Chardonnay CA . $ 9/34

Volcanic Hills, Pinot Gris CA .  $9/34

Ned Waihopai River, Sauvignon Blanc NZ . $9/34

Siren's Call, Viognier CA . $13/50

Roussillon Villages, Chapoutier Bila Haut FR . $10/38




House Red, IT .  $7 glass/ half liter 18

Tinto Negro, Malbec AR . $8/28

Borsoa, Garnacha SP . $8/30

Vecchia Cantina, Chianti IT . $8/30

Longview "Red Bucket", Cab/Shiraz AU . $11/40

Volcanic Hills, Eruption, Merlot CA . $12/46




Alhambra Reserve 1925, SP. $7

Lighthouse, 'Keepers' Stout CA. $7

Phillips, Blue Buck CA. $7

Phillips, 'Hop Circle' IPA CA. $6

Red Truck, Lager CA.  $6

Red Truck, Belgium Blonde Ale CA. $7

Parallel 49, Ruby Red Ale CA. $6

Peroni, IT. $7

Okanagan Springs, Pale Ale CA . $6

Stella Artois, Lager BL. $7

Growers extra dry Apple, BC. $6




Irish Coffee. $8

Spanish Coffee. $8


kitchenonmainst patio bg3

Benedicts $12

 2 poached free run eggs, toasted focaccia and the Kitchen's signature potato pancake

•Canadian back bacon, hollandaise 

•Tomato & avocado, gruyere, hollandaise 

•Your choice of: Classic Beef, Lamb/Chorizo,
Chicken or Veggie balls with hollandaise

Our Breakfast Skillet $11

White beans braised with pork belly, add your
choice of meatballs (Classic Beef, Lamb/Chorizo, Chicken or Veggie) and a fried egg. $11

Sweet Stuff $11

Traditional french toast, thick slices of brioche,
fried golden, with real canadian maple syrup
Belgium style waffles with whipped cream, fresh fruit and real canadian maple syrup

Baked Frittatas $11

2 free run eggs mixed with cream & fresh herbs, tomatoes & green onions, served with our signature potato pancake and baguette with your choice of:
• Crispy pancetta, roasted red peppers &
goat cheese
• Lamb/Chorizo balls • Veggie balls 

Cobb Salad

Crisp lettuce, boiled eggs, braised pork belly, avocado and 2 chicken meatballs Choice of blue cheese or ranch dressing. $13

Charcuterie & Cheese

Charcuterie & Cheese platter with a warm baguette. $11

Spaghetti Carbonara with braised Pork belly and fried egg on top. $11

Greek Yogurt & Granola with fresh fruit and vanilla infused honey. $9




Brewed Coffee. $2.75

Americano, Espresso, Cappuccino. $3

Our Classic Meatball Caesar. $7

Mimosa by the glass. $6

Bottomless Mimosa. $16

Glass House Red Wine. $7

Glass House White Wine. $7




Hours | 5 p.m. – 10 p.m., Monday - Sunday

Happy Hour | 5 p.m. - 6:30 p.m., Monday - Saturday

Brunch Saturday & Sunday | 11 a.m. – 3 p.m  



Herschel Miedzygorski, a Vancouver businessman, opened Harry’s in 1995, a famed Robson Street hangout and later Harry’s Diner on Pender Street. His first restaurant opened in 1984 with Southside Deli in Whistler, where he and Uli first met. Now the two have partnered once again at Kitchen on Main St.

uli 2

Chef Uli did his formal apprenticeship in a 3 Michelin Star Hotel in Germany. From there on he gained his international cooking and restaurant experience continuously at 1 and 2 Michelin Star Restaurants throughout Europe. In 1989 he moved to Whistler and was executive chef for Settebello and Umberto restaurants.


Herschel a Vancouver businessman jumped into the restaurant business in 1992 with Harry’s deli, a famed Robson Street hangout and later Harry’s Diner and Southside Deli in Whistler, where he met Uli.  Now the two have partnered once again at the Kitchen on Main.